Leisure and Cultural Activities

Ajyal Al-Mostakbal College (AMC) organizes many activities inside and outside the school with opportunities for innovation, learning, and entertainment.

The school activities include events and celebrations such as Earth Day, Independence Day, Christmas, and others, as well as scientific discovery and social activities in labs, in the classrooms, and in the playgrounds.

Students also have the chance to develop their cultural awareness and their patriotism through targeted educational trips to different areas in Lebanon.

Wellbeing and Safety

Students, teachers, and staff well-being and safety is a priority at AMC.

We make sure to take all the necessary measures to promote positive mental and emotional health, and to ensure proper hygienic conditions by providing all the members of our learning community with the necessary information and support.

All school staff and teachers are trained to maintain a healthy and supportive environment that enables them to be proactive and have a positive teaching and learning experience.