Registration process

1- Fill out and submit the form

The Application form gives an initial overview of the school and its educational offerings through which you can post any inquiry or question. You will then receive an email confirming receipt of your application. You can also visit the admissions office on the school campus to inquire about, complete and submit the application form.

2- Receive the answer

AMC School admissions team responds to applicants within 48 hours with an email or phone call to discuss your children's education status and needs, as well as other related administrative and academic issues. The school's admissions team arranges parents' visits to the school upon request. The admissions team also arranges an entrance interview or entrance examination for some students as needed.

3- Official registration

Students who are officially accepted at AMC are registered based on admission discussions and trained to be prepared for a unique and innovative learning journey. Appropriate payment terms and options are handled by the Finance Office as many flexible payment options are available. Scholarships are also available in specific cases, based on the student's academic performance and the family's socio-economic circumstances.

Online inquiry and application form

    Student information

    If you have more than one student to register, please fill out an application for each of them.

    Payment Terms

    Parents can pay tuition, transportation and all other fees at the school's finance office by cash, credit card, check or bank transfer to the school's bank account. Uniform fees are paid separately at the school. Fees for field trips, activities, etc., are paid to the class teacher when they occur.


    School bus transportation is available for students who live anywhere in the Keserwan region. Transfer to other locations can be discussed with the school administration. Transportation fees depend on the geographical location and distance from the school.